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We are just a tiny group of people from a small country. But we do have dreams. Therefore, we would like to make such a creative idea into the inspire motivation to the new generation teenagers who have the eager to do what they think and act immediately. It is added with the good fortune that they already have the high technology and the hi-speed internet access, along with the finest innovation, which can be adapted to what they like and do it as a stable career nowadays. Then driven by the power of ideas together until their dreams will be gone…

from us…


“To create inspirational work”

Water-floating model design

We are in the working process of creating some innovation for the future in 2050. The ground might be destroyed because of the natural disaster someday. We simply offer some possibility ideas by counting on the technology, design and biological materials in the form of the modern housing in the future. There is a possibility or even a chance that our lifestyle will be changed. So, we began to design the floating house in another 32 years by research and designs out of the conceptual framework and camouflage with emphasis on creativity as a main. The use of energy and the outlooks will be demonstrated that design can inspire our creative work.


First of all, we have pleased to convey our respect to the professor and the institution that is interested to send the intern students to work with Laddagardenshop Partnership Limited. We have a chance to exchange the experience, meet new friends and acknowledge the other society. The two trainees had learned many things and could prove that they had been prepared beforehand. They are good at solve the problem face to face, very patient and brave enough to face any challenge during this internship period. Moreover, they are very intellectual in problem solving both the personal and the work matter. They are also a teamwork player which is the key word for this apprentice term and can adapt the experience to use in their own life in the real situation for the fullest.

"Just do it"

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Spinning boat for surfing the seashore



Floating house





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