Joint venture

Would like to offer a chance to people.

The purpose of Joint Venture Project is to give an opportunity for people who are travelling to a foreign country and trying to find what they are really looking for. You can study and gain a life experience which there is no other institution, or any work place can offer before. It can be along with the exchanging knowledge with foreigner, which is the efficient method and give you a taste of real life learning with real people in a real world. To collect pieces of experience bit by bit from travelling around, developing your own ability especially for the foreign language and working abroad, you can also take a chance to blend in the different culture from the international colleague in the team. You then learn how to be flexible and you will be good with face to face problem solving too.

The benefit of joining this project with Ladda Extra is to gain working experience which can be an extra value that you can put in your resume. You also earn a lot of acquisition of knowledge through new task and increase your ability and confidence to communicate with foreigner. Participation in the Joint Venture Project may help you to improve discipline, time allocation and make use of your free time wisely.

Ladda Extra would like to offer a chance to people who might interested to work with a group of Thais who have passion on architecture and product design. It is also for whoever keen on exchanging the knowledge, language and culture in foreign country and then use those acknowledge which gained from the working experience with foreigner abroad to develop yourself or even your home country in the future. Apart from this, you will have a chance to adapt the knowledgeable to the design idea by learning through travelling and visiting to the most outstanding architecture places in Thailand.  To work and exchange the difference culture between the international people is as to view the whole new world. The ideal is for people who are seeking what they are exactly keen on, for example, foreign language, culture and sociology, architecture and product design, research etc. Or it is for the others who come to Thailand for holiday, but they still have some passion and curiosity to open up for a chance to learn by working with the real local and international employees. You will gain much experience through living with the differences such as nationality, language, lifestyle, culture and the specialized knowledge which is up to their own country taught them about. Ladda Extra will provide the support on the free accommodation during the Joint Venture Project and give some tips how to travel in Thailand from local people which is sure to be differ from the guide book that the most tourist read before.

Ladda Extra

Conditions and qualifications of the participants ofJoint Venture Project :

  • Aged 18-40 years old
  • Interested in designing and architecture
  • If you get involved in more than 60 percent of the project, the company will put your name in the credit section at the end of the website or video clip at the time the company uses the work for publicity.

Prohibitions during joining the project :

  • The participant must obey and follow the Thai Law. If he/she broke the law or do any act which is attempting the rules, the company will not be a part of any responsibility of the act.
  • Do not take or even be involved with drugs. If the company detected, the company will report the suit and will not be held liable in any case.
  • Do not carry or own any lethal weapon.
  • If the company found that the applicant has been impersonating the company to cause any damage, whether directly or indirectly, the company has the right and authority to prosecute as provided by law.
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