The ideal to construct a floating house 2030 was caused by the flooding several times in the past. We were not prepared to live on water for such a long period. However, after that crisis, we knew that we need to create an emergency premise for ourselves, family and even for the others. It must consider all about the essential matters, including the energy source, internet, etc., which are needed in that situation. The more we studied, for many years, the higher technology has developed more but costs a lot cheaper than in the past. It allows us to move forward on the construction and development in the form of floating houses. Floating house, floatel (floating hotel) and various accommodation can be in many other forms because of the impact of the rapidly changing. It may be that we are being suddenly spontaneously restored, which is unavoidable. Since the humanity is the creator and the destroyer at the same time.  We may not seem to solve the problem of the incident from the starting point, but it is still better than doing nothing.