This ready-made accommodation model can be located directly on the beach or even in the sea by using the floating buoy system. What is more, it will be secured on the safety by having the anchor as well. It can be lifted and removed without causing damages to the environment. Even though the MiniHouse design is more about living overnight. But it still concerned on the atmosphere and the life safety of the customer as the priority. It can be a choice for those who are looking for a building or a room as a new type of hospitality business. MiniHouse2023 is suitable for people who want to build their own business. The principle of thinking can be that, if the business can run smoothly then, the number of the accommodation can be increased continuously. Or if the business is not as expected, then it can be sold back to us afterward. However, the price will be depended on the condition of the housing. If you are interested in this premise, please contact for more information at 082-3224827.